Website Animation

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Eye-catching animation ideas and solutions for all budgets.

In these competitive and fast-changing times we live in, website animation can often give your website a new and exciting angle to present to your audience.

As the lines between online and more traditional forms of visual media become ever more blurred, web audiences now almost expect to see moving images online. Because animated video elements are lot cheaper to produce than shooting real people in real situations, online animation is becoming an ever-more popular tool to help engage users with a particular brand, product or message.

Website animation can take the form of simple animated headers or more video-based product introductions or bespoke presentations. It can be delivered in HTML5 or other various video format options. An added bonus of creating video animated content for your site is that it can also be utilised as a promotional tool offsite, on such popular sites as Youtube and Vimeo.

There is also the exciting possibility of your animated video going viral. We have access to award winning writers and producers who can help create an original animated concept for your brand that engages your audience and utilises social media to enhance your chances of reaching an even larger audience.

Animated videos, logos, banners, pictures and interactive maps have all been created by our animation team. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help animate your online offering.