Video Production

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We are pioneers of video online.

David Whelan, the founder of WebTree Agency, started his career working in television and video production. He started out at Thames Television in the Film department back in 1983  and he has subsequently worked on hundreds of film and video projects in the last 30 years.

In 2002, David had an opportunity to create one of the the worlds first live online video stream services for the 2002 FIFA World Cup website – at the time, the most popular website in the world – this moved him towards setting up his own full-service digital agency in 2004. Ever since that pioneering venture with FIFA and Yahoo, WebTree Agency have been producing countless high-impact video productions for hundreds of digital clients across a whole plethora of businesses and services.

Video is essential for today’s digital marketing world. People can now access videos on their phones and tablets as well as online and through social media sites. Moving images are a highly effective way of getting your message across and tapping into unlimited new online audiences. Though we have worked on digital video productions at the highest level, we are also able to provide broadcast quality corporate video that is suitable for every sized budget and business. You don’t have to spend fortunes to provide great video content. Cameras and stock are much cheeper today than they were and for a very small investment, we can produce great video content that can be used in lots of different ways and areas.

As well as utilising video on your main website and social media platforms, there are countless video-only portals to utilise, such as Youtube and Vimeo. All have global audiences and all have the ability to get your message across to millions of new potential customers.

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