Social Media Marketing

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Real results from innovative and engaging social media campaigns.

Social Media needs to be an essential part of your online digital marketing strategy. It’s rise in importance has been stratospheric with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Path, Tumblr and Pinterest at the forefront of this digital marketing revolution.

The advantage of social media is simple – it is an opportunity to to directly listen and engage with your clients or customers in an immediate and highly cost effective way.

You have three basic formats to work with when it comes to content and social media – video, audio and written word. All are very important and all need to be carefully utilised in the right areas. Text won’t work on Instagram and audio isn’t an option for Twitter.

The challenge most people have with Social Media is how to get a handle on the myriad of options available in the social media world and how to ensure their efforts are carefully managed and cost effective. An understanding of what social media platforms are available and what kind of potential customs are using them is also crucial. There are over a hundred social network platforms to consider and some are more suitable to certain businesses than others.

Social Media success is all about building a long-term strategy. There are no short-term routes to social media success – it is all about the long-view. We try and  teach all of our social media clients how to communicate in such a way that would help develop authentic and long-lasting customer relationships through social media, that are authentic and a win-win for both parties.

We can help you put together a social media strategy that is right for your business and budget. We have vast experience and specialist tools to make sure you effectively listen and engage with people across all social networks in a positive and beneficial way for your business.

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