Search Engine Optimisation

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Increasing online visibility for clients since 2004.

We have been working in Search Engine Optimisation for over ten years, in that ten years we have seen many, many changes. One absolute constant is that certain areas of your website must be optimised to make sure your site is as visible as possible to the search engines. Without proper compliancy across your website, you will always be compromising you SEO efforts and not maximising your potential return on investment.

We initially provide a free digital audit snapshot to analyse your existing websites code. We then normally have a coffee and a chat and produce a detailed plan of what is needed to help you reach the top of the search engines.

To succeed in SEO today you have to combine optimising your whole site with creating engaging offsite and onsite content and ensuring the links, relationships and social media audiences you build are all genuine and relevant.

Google is now a highly sophisticated engine that looks across the web to asses exactly who is linking to your pages and what they have to say. The only way your traffic and conversions will grow is with engaging content and a carefully planned SEO strategy. Once your content and social media work has done it’s job and reached out to potential new customers, your site then has to be fully compliant and user-friendly to ensure they land on your website, enjoy their stay whilst they are there and ultimately convert.

It is all a fine balancing act that involves strategic planning and careful implementation. You can also never rest on your laurels as the landscape and rule-book is constantly changing – often on a weekly basis!

If you want to get an idea of how your website is doing in the SEO space – please try our free digital audit today.