Pay Per Click Management

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Exceptionally high ROI achieved across all of our PPC campaigns.

We have years of experience to bring to all of our clients PPC campaigns offering a full service approach.

Paid search is one of the most measurable and dynamic forms of advertising in the digital world. It is also one of the most competitive. Our experienced team understand the importance of bidding strategies and a/b testing which they combine with innovative keyword selection. We always strive to ensure that you don’t overspend for your conversions.

We carefully define your ROI target and unitise all of our experience and resources to make sure we reach that target. Through our detailed and actionable reporting, we make it very easy for all of our PPC clients to understand the PPC data and performance to make the right decisions.

When considering a pay per click campaign, you need to seriously consider geographical targeting. It is crucial, to avoid wasted spending, that you only target areas that will offer the maximum ROI for your investment. It is a simple fact that most small businesses  maximum rerun from Pay Per Click will only occur within a twenty -five mile radius.

Other impotent points to consider are not using site exclusion and failing to recognise the existence of match types such as exact, phrase and broad. Adding negative keywords is another important strategy to consider as is selecting keywords that are too broad.

The last important point to remember is overlooking conversion tracking. Without any conversion data, you are basically investing blind and possibly wasting your money. We take great care to track all conversions from a PPC campaign to ensure our clients always get maximum ROI at all times.

PPC is still a highly effective form of digital marketing and should not be overlooked by any business looking to make a mark in the online digital space.

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