E-mail Footer

email footer design header graphic

Reinforce your brand and corporate identity with professional and eye-catching email footers.

Everybody uses email for business, but not all business emails are created equal.

Statistics tell us that most businesses use text in their footers to convey their business name and contact details. This is fine for most people, but statistics also tell us that people are far more receptive to professional static html footers, which re-enforce a corporate brand and give business emails a professional and consistent look.

It’s a small detail and often overlooked, but for very little expense you can reinforce your brand simply and effectively with a professional looking footer.

We strive to always incorporate your particular branding and corporate image into your email footers. We also often try to adapt these to work more effectively in an email footer – making best use of the space available and ensuring the images are small enough to avoid filtering and subtle enough to not over-power the message of the email.

Contact us to find out how little it costs to enhance your corporate email image.