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The creation of web and social media copy that converts.

There are two undeniable facts when it comes to considering copywriting – A site or social media portal is only as good as the copy it contains and writing specifically for the web and specific social media platforms is crucial in ensuring you succeed in today’s digital marketing world.

Our copywriters are trained to create informative and accurate text that directly works for the web and social media, carefully targeting specific clients, markets and audiences. All of our writers come from strong journalistic and marketing backgrounds and all of them understand that great copy is the foundation for every digital success story.

Digital marketing has evolved in a very positive way when it comes to web copy. Ten years ago most people were under the impression that volume was king when it came to online copy. People churned out endless paragraphs of often mind-numbingly boring text to try and gain favour with the search engines and to be honest, in the early days of search, this approach often used to have some success.

Then Google figured out what was going on and decided that large volume of copy shouldn’t be one of the main deciding factors in ranking a site – they starting taking into account how people were actually engaging with certain copy and how many times this copy was commented on and referred to online – to cut a long story short (no pun intended), the quality of the copy people were producing online became far more important than the quality. This was great news for everybody who wanted to read engaging and relevant copy and very bad news for people who were trying to beat the system with large amounts of  dull, boring drivel.

We provide great copy for our customers because we simply have great writers who understand engaging copy needs to be written to suit the medium it is being created for – a Facebook update will not work on a company’s news blog. We can work from extensive briefs short notes, or even from verbal instruction, with key emphasis on details and best practises.

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