Top 10 Suffolk Vets Websites

It took a lot of vetting, but we present to you our top ten Vet sites.

Anybody who has spent time in our lovely county will know that Suffolk has a lot of pets and a lot of vets.

The question we would like to know is which one of our numerous vets in Suffolk has the best website.

Using our comprehensive audit system, we give you the best veterinary surgeon websites that Suffolk has to offer.

Our scoring system

We compiled this list of Top 10 Suffolk Vets Websites using our Digital Audit Snapshot system where we rate each website in ten key areas. Feel free to ask us to rate your website!

1. Rossdales – Newmarket

76 / 100

Great content and a strong Facebook presence helps make this our number one choice. Its also very pleasing on the eye.

Congratulations Rossdales.

2. Lida Vets – Newmarket

70 / 100

Regular content and  responsive design help Lida to score highly.

Better code and structure might have placed it near the top. Solid effort.

3. Three Rivers - Beccles

69 / 100

Good location information and page structure help Three Rivers reach the top three.

Better meta tags would have pushed it nearer the top.

4. Swayne & Partners – Suffolk

66 / 100

This site has lots of content which is a plus but it is not regular updated which is a minus.

Great contact info though helps it into the top five.

5. Ash Tree – Newmarket

66 / 100

Good content and page structure are thIs sites best features with great use of photos.

Needs more regular updates.

6. Hawkedon – Bury St Edmunds

64 / 100

Solid page structure and photos put this site in our top ten.


7. Mulberry Court – Sudbury

63 / 100

It was a great idea to have animal fact-sheets, but the broken links let the site down.

8. Orwell – Suffolk

61 / 100

It’s got good page structure and is responsive and works on mobile devices.

Why is it not higher? – mainly because of poor coding.

Website Link: 8. Orwell – Suffolk

9. Christchurch Vets – Ipswich

61 / 100

An OK site but tables for a layout is a bad idea in these modern times.

10. Highcliff – Hadleigh

60 / 100

Reasonable twitter helps this nudge into our top ten.