Top 10 Suffolk Hotel Websites

Below are the finest hotel websites in Suffolk - reserve a look.

We were staggered by the sheer amount of hotels operating in this region. From our initial research, there seemed to be a hotel in every village and town in the region!

Out of all of our Top Ten categories we have covered so far, Suffolk Hotels probably has the best overall standard to date. This is hardly surprising when you consider most people who are looking for a good hotel in Suffolk will go online to try and find out. A poorly designed website or digital marketing campaign could be costing some hotels lots of business.

Though the designs of most of our chosen top ten were exemplary, a large percentage could still improve in functionality and nearly everybody needed to look at their digital marketing strategies. That said, this is still a very impressive list, reflecting the importance of a strong digital presence and strategy in this thriving and highly competitive sector.

Our scoring system

We compiled this list of Top 10 Suffolk Hotel Websites using our Digital Audit Snapshot system where we rate each website in ten key areas. Feel free to ask us to rate your website!

1. The Swan Hotel – Lavenham

80 / 100

A clear winner with a very impressive score of 80%, the Swan Hotel in Lavenham does a lot of good things very well.

The design is very pleasing as you would expect form our winner, but this design is fully responsive and immersive. The blog is very active and interesting (still a rarity these days), while the code and structure are first class and SEO friendly. If we were being picky, they could possibly expand their social portfolio further, but this is a fantastic site that fully deserves top spot.

2. Ivy House Country Hotel – Lowestoft

79 / 100

A close runner-up with 79%, the Ivy House is another beautifully designed site with a solid code-base. Its fully responsive and their Twitter and Facebook efforts are impressive.

More news content on the site might have pushed them to the top, but this is another great effort.

3. Tuddenham Mill – Tuddenham

78 / 100

A good solid site which does everything well.

The design somewhat split opinion in the office, but it is a nicely responsive site and Twitter and Facebook are both well managed.

The news area certainly needs attention but this deserves to be in our top 3.

4. The Westleton Crown

76 / 100

I have personally frequented this hotel and can attest that it is as good as it’s website suggests.

We like the design on this one and its responsiveness means that it looks great on mobile devices.

This is yet another Suffolk hotel site that is also on the money with Facebook and Twitter, but slightly lacking in updated News content.

A solid fourth place.

Website Link: 4. The Westleton Crown

5. Wentworth – Aldeburgh

76 / 100

I will always have a soft spot for the Wentworth, as this was the venue of my wedding.

This is not a sentimental choice though, we felt the site was  stunning to look at and responsive.

The site has been somewhat let down though by weak social media and the absence of a news blog.

Once these areas are fixed, this will be pushing for the top next time.


6. Crown Hotel – Framlingham

75 / 100

We like the social efforts and cool design on this site, but the fact that it is not responsive and there is no news blog, means that it doesn’t make our top 5.

Bottom line, if half the people who are led to your site from social media cannot actually read it properly on a mobile device, you are missing out.

7. Ufford Park Hotel – Ufford

74 / 100

Ufford Park have made great efforts to ensure their Facebook and Twitter works well and the News area on this responsive site is regularly updated and most crucially, interesting.

We think the design lets it down a little bit though and Google+ should ideally be added, but this is still a solid website with great content.

8. The Brudenell – Aldeburgh

74 / 100

This is yet another site that has impressive Social and News areas, but is somewhat let down by its dated design and an inactive Google+ account.


9. Thorpeness Hotel – Thorpeness

73 / 100

We like the design on this responsive site and Twitter and Facebook are also very solid.

With a News blog page installed with regularly updated content, this site could easily be in the top 5.

10. The Crown – Stoke By Nayland

71 / 100

Propping up our top 10, this site benefits from a nice responsive design, but like so many others in the bottom half of this list, it lacks Google+ and a News blog page.