Top 10 Suffolk Butcher Websites

It's a meaty line-up for sure, but who has the best butcher website in Suffolk?

Anybody who lives in or visits Suffolk will surely know that we are very fortunate in having an abundance of award-winning local butchers to choose from.

Most have built up loyal followings through their great selections of meats and high standards of customer service. It’s also important to remember that Suffolk butchers often use local farms and supply local businesses.

Using our unique digital audit scoring system, nobody came out flawless and most had some areas on their sites that needed improving – that said, we have a clear top ten to reveal to you and we are sure that a lot of theses sites will improve and adapt in the near future.

These scores and this top ten ares purely a comment on the technical merits of the businesses websites as we see it and not in anyway a reflection on the business, products or services that these (or any other) butchers provide.

if you think we have missed anybody then please let us know and we welcome all comments and feedback.

Tuck in.

Our scoring system

We compiled this list of Top 10 Suffolk Butcher Websites using our Digital Audit Snapshot system where we rate each website in ten key areas. Feel free to ask us to rate your website!

1. Ruse & Son - Long Melford

69 / 100

A lovely design and great images make this site stand out. These guys have been going for 150 years and their website reflects their heritage.

They need to get some social media going, because with this website and their long established presence in the county, they’ve got a lot to shout about.


2. Powters - Newmarket

68 / 100

An interesting use of typography, colour and design means this site scores well.

The old code doesn’t match the bold colours, but this is a solid effort.

Website Link: 2. Powters - Newmarket

3. Rolfes - Walsham le Willows

67 / 100

An interesting layout catches the eye, but this site scores best with its on-page SEO, which is technically very good.

Improved layout and content would have pushed it near the top.

4. W.J. Seppings – Beccles

66 / 100

Interesting content is a big plus and the ‘About Us’ is very well done.

Better mobile would help it to score higher.

5. Country Farm Meats – Bury St Edmunds

63 / 100

Good colours and simple layout make this site score well.

Better News updates and code structure would push it higher.

6. John Hutton – Earl Soham

62 / 100

Lovely design and use of photos is the main selling point of this site.

Improved content would have pushed it near the top.

7. Andrews – Hadleigh

61 / 100

Nice photos on show and this is one of the few butcher websites that we came across that actually had a blog.

Code is not great but this is a solid effort.

Website Link: 7. Andrews – Hadleigh

8. Deben Butchers – Felixstowe

60 / 100

Good page structure is a plus but no meta tags or headings hinder.

9. G Debman – Ipswich

60 / 100

Reasonably well optimised site that needs a better code base.

Website Link: 9. G Debman – Ipswich

10. David Dunnett – Halesworth

59 / 100

Good optimisation and great to see a video – a rarity on most butcher websites.

Design and code could do with improvement.