Top 10 Suffolk Restaurant Websites

We trawled through hundreds of candidates and here is the top 10.

In Suffolk we have an abundance of fantastic restaurants and eateries to choose from. From our largest towns to our smallest villages, we have every kind of cuisine to choose from.

When we were thinking about putting together a top 10 Suffolk business website list – there was only one category we could begin with.

We managed to track down hundreds of  restaurants in our search and was astonished to find that nearly a third of them didn’t have a website at all and another third may not have really bothered due to the poor quality of their site. You have to ask yourself two questions here – how can you run any business in 2014 without an accompanying website and why would you allow a shoddy website to reflect your precious business?

That said, we found many Suffolk restaurant sites that were a great advert and information resource for the establishment’s that had them.

We proudly present the WebTree Agency’s Top 10 Restaurant Websites in Suffolk.

Our scoring system


We compiled this list of Top 10 Suffolk Restaurant Websites using our Digital Audit Snapshot system where we rate each website in ten key areas. Feel free to ask us to rate your website!

We hope you've enjoyed reading through this top ten list of restaurant websites in Suffolk, please feel free to add your comments below, and of course if you have any other suggestions, post them too!