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Trust is a Must

The internet has undoubtedly brought unlimited potential for millions of businesses and individuals. The ability to reach a global audience in an instant is the future here today. Problem is, the internet is a very crowded place and there are a lot of people shouting to get heard. So how do you rise above this […]

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The Slow Death of the Music Industry

Like for a lot of people, everything changed the day MP3 players entered my life in the late 1990’s. The excitement I felt was off the scale when I realised that my embryonic player (Diamond Rio anyone?) could be filled with every song I ever loved and kept conveniently in my pocket. The record industry […]

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Back To Basics

Text – the building block that is obviously used to write personal opinions or blog posts. (Crucial tip to remember – writing for the web is very different to writing for humans). Images – often overlooked, photos are used to enhance text posts. (Crucial tip to remember – watch your image sizes. If they are […]

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