It’s Time to Get Social

Social businesses are successful businesses - it's time to engage.

Social Media

It’s time to think about becoming more social in the year ahead. For many digital agencies such as WebTree, recent times have seen the usual rapid development of web-related technologies, as smartphones and tablets continued to change the way half of us used the web, and website design went wide-screen and image-heavy. Long gone are the days when we just had to worry about building a website suitable for a desktop monitor; from this year onwards, we now only build responsive websites, to ensure everybody can access them in the correct format for the right device.

As well as the rise of responsive web design, 2014 also was the year when social media for business finally got taken seriously. Last year, our social media department grew at an extraordinary rate, as old and new clients focused on the billion messages that are shared on social platforms every day, and the obvious potential benefits that all of that interaction could bring to their business.

The need for business to get involved with Social media is now not really up for debate any more , but often business owners are half-heartedly hiring interns to post a few tweets and Facebook posts and see what hopefully sticks. Bottom line, in Social Media, randomly posting content in the hope somebody might engage is a waste of  everybody’s time, including your own. The key to Social Media success is firstly assessing your particular goals and then working out a strategy to achieve them, with the correct resources and tools strategically put in place. Audience development and engagement is always the first step. Every business has to also think carefully about what audience they are actually looking for and how to engage with them, to ensure the correct result at the end of the process.

You need to see the Social Media landscape as a set of individual tribes, all with different needs and desires. Some people are selling stuff, some people are trying stuff and some people are just talking stuff – all are potential customers, but all of them have to be found and engaged with, using relevant content that they actually want to consume.

Social Media is an area with enormous potential benefits for business, but always remember to find your particular tribe for your particular business and keep them engaged.