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Blogging tips for 2018

Engaging blogs are still a valid cornerstone of digital marketing in 2018, but the old maxim of the bigger the better is now surely over. Blogs should of course always be part of a wider digital marketing strategy, BUT, just looking to optimise the text and only the text is a sure-fire recipe destroying your […]

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For a Cost-Effective E-Commerce Solution – Consider Shopify.

We have been building bespoke e-commerce websites at WebTree for over ten years now, but recently a new kid on the block has got our attention – Shopify. This all-in-one e-commerce solution runs off a theme system, but the clever bit is that our WebTree developers can customise these themes and create high-end, purpose built […]

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It’s Time to Get Social

It’s time to think about becoming more social in the year ahead. For many digital agencies such as WebTree, recent times have seen the usual rapid development of web-related technologies, as smartphones and tablets continued to change the way half of us used the web, and website design went wide-screen and image-heavy. Long gone are […]

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Social Media Data Analysis has moved down another level and level..

With our new social search analysis tool we can create beautiful reports and powerful insights. You just let us know the keywords that define your brand, product, market, company, event or indeed any conversation, and WebTree Agency¬†will trawl social media and analyse relevant messages to produce a stylish white label report, showing trends, sentiment, geography, […]

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