Blogging tips for 2018

Engaging blogs are still a valid cornerstone of digital marketing in 2018, but the old maxim of the bigger the better is now surely over.

Blogs should of course always be part of a wider digital marketing strategy, BUT, just looking to optimise the text and only the text is a sure-fire recipe destroying your organic SEO rankings.

In 2018, effective SEO must also be focused on more modern, relevant, engaging content, if your brand wants to move forward effectively.

Video and images now need the same level of optimisation work as text. If you don’t believe me, just look at how search is becoming more and more less text-dependant. I also predict that Voice search will change the game again by the end of 2018, but for now, widen your content offering beyond just blogs.

One final tip for blogging in 2018 is to keep it highly relevant and useful. Unless your blogs are aimed specifically at your audiences specific pain-points, they simply wont engage.

Uber Specific blogging is absolutely crucial in 2018.

Get writing.