Digital Audit Snapshot

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A digital audit is what your business needs today.

What exactly is Digital Auditing?

After many years of handling digital marketing campaigns and building websites and systems for a myriad of clients large and small, we gradually came to realise that businesses needed to look at every facet of their digital portfolio, if they wanted to continue to see growth and help understand the true strengths of their digital assets. The opportunity to use more of the ever-changing technologies available today is another way of helping our clients through digital auditing.

From internal systems to websites and digital marketing campaigns, every facet needs to be carefully analysed and assessed to ensure all digital areas are as effective as they could possibly be.

What digital areas are we talking about?

The Digital realm is expansive, but we recommend looking at two critical areas:


This will include Code Analysis, Mobile, Servers & Hosting.

Digital Marketing

This will include Compliancy, Search, Social, Data Analysis, Conversions & Video.

The above lists are not comprehensive and some businesses do not require all areas to be audited, there are many more areas we also cover to ensure all aspects of a digital landscape are working effectively.

A lot of the above categories are connected and that is the main reason why a WebTree Agency Digital Audit makes sense – we understand all areas of the Digital World and how they all need to be connected and compatible with each other.

Do I have to have every digital area of my business audited?

No. We recommend looking at all areas together to see where synergies can be achieved, but some of our clients have very specific areas they want us to look at first.

How much will an audit cost?

Please send us your URL and we will send you a quote depending on the size of your site and the work required to audit it. Once we have got your attention, it is then up to you whether you would want a further  free consultation via phone, Skype or in person, where all of your options can be discussed.

What happens after my audit is complete?

What you do with the data that we compile for your audit is up to you. We will almost certainly make some recommendations in certain areas, what you do with those is up to you. We can provide you with all of the services you may need after and audit, but the decision is entirely yours