WebTree Agency Blog : May 2014

Suffolk Confidential Ep 3 – Rupert Daniels

Rupert Daniels

David Whelan talks to old colleague and friend Rupert Daniels about his amazing career working in marketing at the highest level. They discuss the changes in marketing over the years and what it was like working in sports business marketing at the very highest level with FIFA, ISL and Arsenal; before Rupert’s current position as Global Marketing Director at Cambridge University Press.

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Google’s Panda 4.0 Is a Bit Of a Bore

Google’s latest upgrade to its all-conquering spidering and ranking system that it uses in its search engine, did its usual trick of working the digital marketing community up into a social media spin. They needn’t have really worried though as it appears that Google are continuing their ethical and smart current direction of cutting out […]

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Top 10 Suffolk Restaurant Websites

Lavenham Great House Restaurant Website Screenshot

In Suffolk we have an abundance of fantastic restaurants and eateries to choose from. From our largest towns to our smallest villages, we have every kind of cuisine to choose from. When we were thinking about putting together a top 10 Suffolk business website list – there was only one category we could begin with. […]

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The Top 10 Business Websites In Suffolk

To help promote and highlight best practice in web design and digital marketing, we have decided to list our top ten websites in various business categories across Suffolk. These opinions are all our own and are aimed to promote business and digital activities in the region we love and work in. The rankings are solely […]

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