WebTree Agency Blog : March 2014

Fight Your Inner Resistance!

The time when my ‘inner resistance’ cost me a possible billion dollar payday!

Back in 2002 I was fortunate enough to work on near-live streaming of World cup matches for the 2002 FIFA World Cup website. Iā€™d spent the previous two year overseeing production on the 2002 site, but this was all going to be done live and nobody had done anything like it before ā€“ anybody who has daughters of a certain age who are into One Direction, will know that this kind of thing is still very difficult to pull off even now.

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Are you telling or selling?

Like most entrepreneurs, I like to read business advice ā€“ I often to read and listen to books by people such as Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuck, and I also enjoy reading lots of great blogs. These mediums tend to do what they say, they give you undiluted advice straight from the voice of experience. […]

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